Research Basins

Highly Instrumented Mountain Hydro-Meteorological Observatories and Experimental Sites

Map of current INARCH mountain research basins (click to see larger image or view in a new window).

The network facilitates an active exchange and collaboration between international researchers through a network of highly instrumented mountain catchments to compare instrumentation best practices, suggest improvements in instrumentation, and develop reliable alpine datasets for model testing, numerical experiments, and validating remotely sensed data.  These are testbeds for detailed process studies on mountain hydrology and meteorology, and for observing, understanding, and predicting environmental change.  INARCH began in late-2014 with 14 instrumented sites; there are now 38 research catchments and sites in 18 countries and six continents, with more continuing to join the network:

*new sites participating in the Common Observing Period Experiment (COPE)




Kyzlsu Glacier and Monitoring Sites, Tajikistan


Rofental High-Alpine Research Basin, Austria

Kuoqionggangri Glacier, China (Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences)