INARCH is a cross-cut project of the GEWEX Hydroclimatology Panel (GHP) to better understand alpine cold regions hydrological processes, improve their prediction, diagnose their sensitivities to global change, and find consistent measurement strategies.  Cross-cutting Projects within GHP are focused activities that address specific science questions. Through CCs, GHP achieves a number of objectives: it addresses the GEWEX Science Questions; evaluates and applies the knowledge developed in RHPs; keeps completed RHPs involved; generates interactions between RHPs; and provides a tool for collaboration with other GEWEX Panels and WCRP activities.

INARCH began as a GHP cross-cutting project in 2015 and since then has grown to a network of over 50 research scientists with wide-ranging expertise from around the world, and 38 experimental research basins in 17 countries covering key mountain regions on most continents.  The network reached the end of its first 5-year term (2015–2020), making important advances in understanding and predictive modelling of the high mountain water cycle, and contributing significantly to multiple international science initiatives, organizations, and other stakeholders. A second phase of the network (2021–2026) has been proposed and is commencing.