Phase I Activities & Achievements


INARCH reached the end of its initial 5-year term (2015-2020) and is now in a second 5-year phase of the program. During the first phase of the program, INARCH established itself and grew to a network of 50 research scientists with wide-ranging expertise from around the world, and 29 experimental research basins in 14 countries covering most continents and mountain regions of the world.  INARCH set out with the overall objectives to better understand alpine cold regions hydrological processes, improve their prediction, diagnose their sensitivities to global change, and find consistent measurement strategies.  During Phase I significant advances were made in understanding and predictive modelling of the high mountain water cycle, contributing significantly to multiple international science initiatives and organizations.  INARCH has adopted a philosophy and commitment to open data, and major efforts were taken through INARCH to compile these data, e.g., ESSD special issue "Hydrometeorological data from mountain and alpine research catchments" with 23 datasets.