Linkages & Partnerships

INARCH is connected to many other international research initiatives and organizations.

GEWEX Hydroclimatology Panel (GHP) logo_gewex.png
Changing Cold Regions Network and Global Water Futures logo_ccrn.png
Western US RHP & Water for Foodbaskets
ANDEX RHP Initiative for the Andes
Global Cryosphere Watch
WMO-SPICE and WMO High Mountain Summit wmo-logo.png
TPE (Third Pole Environment) tpe-logo.png
Future Earth, Sustainable Water Futures Programme (SWFP) and the Climate Impacts on Global Mountain Water Security working group
International Commission for Snow and Ice Hydrology (ICSIH)
UNESCO-Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme efforts on climate change impacts on snow, glacier and water resources within the framework of IHP-VIII (2014-2021) ‘Water Security: Responses to Local Regional and Global Challenges’. unesco-ihp-logo.png