Upcoming events

We plan to hold a virtual meeting this autumn to define the objectives, plans and activities for the second phase of the network.  We will hold this over 3 days, tentatively October 18–20, 2021, from about 1–4 PM GMT each day.  The meeting will include updates on the status and activities at INARCH’s mountain research basins and will be structured around some specific science questions to address as we move into a time when integrated observations, predictions and services have been adopted for mountains by WMO and as our models can better reflect and engage with the research basins to provides answers for regional river basins.  We will develop a collective vision and refine our plans for the next five years, building on achievements during the first phase.  Presentation time slots and discussion panels will be primarily for our core membership.  Further details will follow in due course.


Past events

To view details (including summary reports, presentations, photographs, etc.) of past INARCH events, see the archive of Phase I workshops and events.