Workshop Overview

We will hold the next Annual INARCH Workshop from October 14–19, 2024 in Lanzhou and Zhangye in central China.  The workshop will be hosted by Dr. Tao Che, Dr. Shichang Kang, and Dr. Xin Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences and will involve examination of research catchments in the Qilian Mountains.  As with past workshops, the plan will be to hold scientific sessions and discussions, updates on COPE, and to visit local research basins and experimental field sites.

A tentative schedule is below:

  • Monday, 14 October:
    • Arrival at Lanzhou City, registration, Welcome dinner
  • Tuesday, 15 October:
    • Morning, Academic workshop (3-4 scientific oral reports in institute of CAS)
    • Afternoon, travelling to Zhangye City (the Heihe field station), a national park view (depends on weather)
  • Wednesday, 16 October:
    • INARCH workshop (part1)
    • After 5pm: a national park view (if not yet) or City tour
  • Thursday, 17 October:
    • Morning, INARCH workshop (part2)
    • Afternoon, travelling to the Qilian mountain, visiting a frozen ground observation site (A’rou) and snow observation site (Yakou)
  • Friday, 18 October:
    • Travelling back to Lanzhou City, view the Qinghai Lake (the largest lake over Tibet Plateau), and dinner
  • Saturday, 19 October:
    • Finish and come back.

Above is the field route for the workshop.  Below are some images of the snow and frozen soil sites, Qilian Mountains, Zhangye City tour and hotel, contributed by Dr. Tao Che.  

The Heihe field station in Zhangye City.